Matt Egeler Independent Web/Mobile Developer
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Robust Systems
Carefully managed servers and well written software result in systems that keep on working.
Android & Web Development
Full stack software development: frontend, backend, and everything else.
Maintanance and Support
If your software has a problem or you just have a question, I'm here to help.
Server Setup/Management
I can set up new servers or manage existing ones.
App/Website design
Responsive design means one website for all devices.
Search engine optimization increases the visibility of your website.
"Working with Matt has been a great privilege and experience, He is a very simple, smart, and down to earth developer with amazing work. His sense of humor is unique and one of a kind; He has done many websites and apps for me and has helped me with development work and I all I can say is he performs and explains everything to the maximum level. Matt's patience is on the high scale and he can manage to work around your needs and wants, but at the same time giving his opinions and suggestions to maximize effeciency and performance. He's a well-rounded individual with knowledge on every side of the tech world. Working with him has been a blast!"
-Armando Carcas

Oakdale Neighbors

In-progress site I'm working on for a local nonprofit